Drawing Pretty Pictures

One of the most frustrating things about preparing for this trip is that I am 5000 miles away from my van. That means that instead of getting it ready for the rally, I can just daydream. There is an active Facebook group for the rally. People are posting all the modifications they are doing to their cars. Snorkels. Skid plates and sump guards. Lights. Paint jobs. The cars are starting to look like real rally vehicles.

Mine is sitting in a garage.

I'm itching to do something! Anything!!!

I have spent money on spare parts. I have watched every rally video on Youtube. I have commented on every thread on Facebook. I have even started making a packing list. I'm going stir crazy!

My friend Kylie called me up the other day and offered to print up some decals for the side of the van. I jumped at the chance. I don't want to be the only person in the rally with a bare vehicle!

We got together for brunch (it is Portland after all) and Kylie showed me a 3D mock up of the van. We played around with some ideas for decals and placement and before I knew it, I was staring at a real rally car!

It is hard to believe that in three weeks I will be staring at this in real life.

I can't wait!

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