Lurching Towards the Starting Line

Someone asked me if I was making steady progress towards being ready for the rally. I likened it more to trying to get ketchup out of the bottle - you wait, you tap, you eyeball it, and nothing happens. Then suddenly, with no warning, it is rushing out of the bottle so quickly you struggle to keep from drowning in it all.

Just last month I was losing sleep. I was absolutely certain that everything was falling apart. I still hadn't received the title to my van. I still didn't have any visas. I even almost got taken by someone running a scam on auto parts. At the rate I was going, I wasn't going to make it to the start line at all!

Eventually things started flowing. The title paperwork came in the mail. I spent all of spring break getting the visa applications sent in. I got an international drivers license. Suddenly things were moving at a rapid pace! While I still don't have any spare parts for the van, there is at least a better-than-fair chance that I am going to make it to the starting line in July!

On the fundraising front, there are two big announcements. First, we have t-shirts! You can join the team and wear what we wear as we travel across the world! All proceeds from the shirt will go to our charities. Want one? $25 gets you one! Email us your details!

The other big fundraising announcement is that it was my birthday! My amazing wife orchestrated a surprise party for me. In lieu of presents, she asked people to donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. In total we raised over $200 for the charity! I could not have asked for a nicer gift!

I will leave you with a photo I received of my van hanging out with his "friend." I wonder if the friend wants to come along on the Mongol Rally!

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