Seemed Like a Good Idea
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The Rally

The Mongol Rally thunders 10,000 miles across the mountains, desert and steppe of Europe and Asia each summer. There’s no backup, no support and no set route; just you, your fellow adventurists and a tiny car. 

The rules of the Rally are gloriously simple…

1. You can only take a farcically small vehicle
2. You’re completely on your own
3. You've got to raise £1000 for charity

The Charities

Help us do some good!  Click on the banners below to donate!

Brian Gardes’ grandfather suffered from Parkinson’s for more than a decade before succumbing to its symptoms in 2000. As much fun as this rally will be, the true “heart” of the adventure is raising awareness and money for this worthy foundation.

The official charity of the Mongol Rally

100% of donations go directly to the charities. No third-party fees taken. 


Where is Brian?


The Team:

Team “Seemed Like A Good Idea” is composed of Brian Gardes and Derek Shields.  Gardes, a middle school humanities teacher, believes that his experience teaching ancient history as well as his exploits restoring a 1974 VW bus will be valuable assets on the trip. Shields, an accomplished videographer, is happy to document every wrong turn, flat tire, and jaw-dropping scene of beauty they encounter.  


The Vehicle:

The rules of the Mongol Rally are simple. The vehicles must be at least 10 years old, have an engine smaller than 1.2 litres, and if you think it looks like it could actually make the trip, then you cannot enter it! We plan to purchase a 1990 Bedford Rascal (a microvan with a 997cc engine) and cross our fingers!